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Geostroj in its regulary manufacturing programme produces different shapes, types and dimensions of accessories for rotational as well as percussion drilling. Basic products are drill bits where in fact tungsten carbide (TC) is used as cutting material.

Drill bits:
  • Type B (small wall thickness pipes)
  • Type SS (medium wall thickness pipes)
  • Type Y (large wall thickness pipes) in standard dimensions - FI 46 mm
    - FI 56 mm
    - FI 66 mm
    - FI 76 mm
    - FI 86 mm
    - FI 101 mm
    - FI 116 mm
    - FI 131 mm
    - FI 146 mm


Other types of bits:

  • Oversize type B
  • KM type bi (for double tube core barrel)
  • type SQ
  • type SK6L
  • type T6
  • casing bit casing shoe

Drill bits for rotary and persussion drilling
represent the other important part of our manufacturing programme. In segment of rotational programme we produce three-wing single stage bits (TKD) and four-wing single stage bits (Ĺ KD), multi stage rotary bits, etccenter drill bits, etc. In segment of percussion programme button type drill bits with thread connection with back ridges are emphasized, other types are produced to order. In manufacturing programme there are more types of mining cutters, stone and asphalt cutters, monoblock bits, fork bits etc.

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